Why Leather? (Customer Edition)

Why Leather? (Customer Edition)

We decided to compile some of the stories and experiences of our customers over the years! 


Story 4 of 4 (March 27, 2023): customer came to our store looking for a durable belt. After 1.3 years of daily use, his belt has turned into an unrecognizable item (photos below). Customer picked up a quality leather belt that has no layers and is designed in Canada made of full-grain leather from Nubucks!


Story 3 of 4 (Feb 20, 2023): A customer came to us looking for a bag that matched her leather jacket. We found here the perfect bag to match her beautiful and high-qualify jacket!


Story 2 of 4 (Feb 5, 2023): Customer wanted to get an engraving after using the bag for the last 4 years. She wanted her first name on the bag. The bag held up great over the years and her new engraving just gives it a personal touch! 


 Story 1 of 4 (Nov, 16 2022): Our customer has been using our belt for 1.9 years now (as of November, 2022). Here are some quick photos we took as we adjusted and stamped holes in his new belt he got from us! These photos show what nearly 2 years of wear and tear on our belt that is worn daily looks like! 

As he said "Ive tested this belt myself, and I know I want another".

See images taken as the customer was in store below:


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