Why Leather? (Customer Repair Edition)

Why Leather? (Customer Repair Edition)

We decided to compile some of the repair experiences of our customers over the years! 


Story 2 of 2 (Feb 30, 2023): a customer came with our bag she has used for the last 5 years which formed a slight cosmetic tear on 1 of the bottom right corner. We were able to repair this so it is not even noticeable (as can be seen in the photos below). The customer used this bag daily, and loved its functionality and durability as she put it through its paces! 


The patina forming on the leather as it ages and absorbs oils: 

 The corner that was damaged: 

Buckle holding up strong for over 5 years of daily use: 

Not a single issue with the zipper: 

Overall photo of the bag: 


Story 1 of 2(May 23, 2022): A customer came to our shop for a repair after using this laptop bag for 16 years daily commuting to Toronto from Oakville. For 16 years this bag went to the office. The front latching buckle broke and was easily replace by our repair center. This means, the leather held up better than the metal buckle. 

 See more photos below! 




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