Our Signature Leather Finishes

Our Signature Leather Finishes

With the leather industry being one of the oldest ones, tanneries and manufactures from other industries have come up with many finishes to suit their needs. This means, there are over 20 finishes! As a result, here is a brief description of the leather finishes we use and sell with the primary focus on durability and strength:


Classic finish

This finish is what most people think of when they think of leather. Commonly known as pigmented full-grain leather, we use full-grain hide that is pigmented to different colors. This is a soft and malleable finish, yet thick and durable. Even more, this finish requires little maintenance and is water resistant for everyday applications. Bags and products in this finish are not stiff. Available in a variety of colors. 


Crazy Horse finish

Made of full-grain hide, this finish is known for it strength and beauty. Natural leather is treated with natural wax to make a water resistant and soft finish. The irregularities in the hide add to the give vintage look that our bags and products give. This finish tends to be slightly stiff, so the bags and products hold their shape better than This finish is perfect for people who want to use their bags/products rough as new scratches and marks will fit in perfectly. This finish ages the best in our opinion!  

This finish is available in a distressed look. Meaning, the leather is marked and scratched in a way to give it a rugged antiqued look. We offer a variety of colors in this finish as well. 


Check our products to see which finish is for you! 

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Awesome! my personal favorite is crazy horse finish. I don’t find many stores carrying that these days but thanks to Nubucks Canada – I’m able to order quite a few things online.


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